Problem: Publishing a service to Portal for ArcGIS fails with an error, "No hosting server found."


Attempts to publish a service to Portal for ArcGIS fail and the following error message is returned:

No hosting server found.


There are two possible causes to the problem:

  • The user account has insufficient privileges to publish a service. For example, a level 1 account can only access available services. A level 2 account has publishing and editing privileges.
  • The Web Adaptor configured to the server hosting Portal for ArcGIS references the URL inaccurately. The default URL is generally in the following format:
    https://<FQDN>/<web adaptor name>

    However, inaccurate configurations may reference a different URL, for example:
    https://<FQDN>/<web adaptor name>/rest

Solution or Workaround

Depending on the cause, use one of the following solutions to rectify the error:

  • Ensure the user account has sufficient privileges before accessing the portal. For more information, refer to the following web help document, Portal for ArcGIS: Levels, roles, and privileges.
  • Update the URL to the main Portal for ArcGIS page, https://<FQDN>/<web adaptor name>. The following procedure demonstrates how to update the URL using the Portal for ArcGIS REST endpoint.
Only those with the Administrator privileges may perform the following steps.
  1. Log in to ArcGIS Portal Directory REST endpoint using an administrator account, and click Home.
The image of the main page of Administrator login of Portal for ArcGIS REST page.
  1.  Under Home, browse to Child Resources and click Portals.
The image of Portal for ArcGIS REST Home page. 
  1.  Under Portals Root, browse to Child Resources and click Self.
The image of Portals page in Portal for ArcGIS REST. 
  1.  Under Self, scroll down the page and click Servers.
The image of the bottom part of Servers REST page. 
  1.  Under Servers, browse and click the desired Server Id.
Image of available Server ID 
  1.  Once the Server Id is determined, click Update Server. This opens the Update Server page.
Image of the Server ID page. 
  1.  Under Update Server, change the URL to match the main Portal for ArcGIS page. Click Update. The URL is updated.
Image of Update Server page.

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