How To: Batch-create assignments in Workforce for ArcGIS using Python or manually appending pre-existing datasets


It may be necessary to batch-create assignments based on existing datasets in Workforce for ArcGIS to be able to manage and review multiple datasets. Currently, there is no built-in tool to batch import data as assignments.


It is possible to either manually append the data from an existing dataset, or to batch-create assignments using a Python script. For more information on how to batch-create assignments using the Python script, refer to the following Esri Github page.

To manually append the data, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open ArcGIS Pro and log in to ArcGIS Online with the ArcGIS account that created the workforce project.

    An image of the Sign in option in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. In Contents, add a .csv table containing unique IDs of the data and XY data or spatial dataset to the map.
    1. If the dataset is not spatially enabled, right-click the newly added table > Display XY Data.

      An image of the Display XY Data option for the table.
    2. Ensure the X and Y fields are correct, and click Run. A temporary layer is added to the map.

      An image of running the Make XY Event Layer tool.
    3. Right-click the newly added layer > Data > Export Features.
    4. Modify the output feature class name, and click Run. A new layer is added to the map.

      An image of the Copy Features tool.
    5. Remove the temporary event layer from the map.
  3. In the Catalog pane, click Portal, and open the workforce project folder. Locate the assignment layer in the folder.

    An image of searching and locating the assignment layer in the Catalog pane.
  4. Drag and drop the assignment layer to the map.
  5. In the Geoprocessing pane, open the Append tool.
  6. Specify the parameters as follows:
    • Input Datasets: The exported feature layer created in Step 2d
    • Target Dataset: The assignment layer
    • Schema Type: Select Use the Field Map to reconcile schema differences

      An image of the Append tool.
  7. Ensure the required fields are mapped correctly, and click Run. The assignments are appended to the assignment layer.

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