Bug: Upgrading some devices to Android OS version 7.x may not allow existing web maps to be opened without a factory reset and reinstallation of Collector for ArcGIS


When upgrading certain Android devices to version 7.x, existing web maps no longer launch successfully in the Collector for ArcGIS app. Additionally, when attempting to launch a web map, including the freely available 'Try it' maps, the map launches but loading does not complete. The layers and basemaps do not render.


This is a known issue. Upgrading some Samsung Android devices may not allow users to open existing web maps unless a factory reset is performed on the device, and Collector for ArcGIS is reinstalled. The issue is not due to incompatibility with Android 7.x, as the version of the Android OS is fully supported with the Collector for ArcGIS app.  

The following is a list of Android devices that have reported to exhibit this behavior after upgrading to Android 7.x:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Other types of Android devices may experience this behavior, as well.


Before proceeding with the following workaround, ensure to back up any data or valuable information on the device, as that information is deleted from the device when performing a factory reset.
  1. Ensure that all offline edits have been synchronized successfully from Collector for ArcGIS. 
  2. Back up any existing offline maps.   
    1. Connect the Android device to a PC via USB cable. 
    2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the device and locate the ArcGIS_Collector folder.
    3. Copy and paste the entire folder onto the desktop of the PC. This is the backup folder.
  3. Perform a complete factory reset, following the steps outlined in the documentation for the device being used. 
  4. Once the factory reset is complete, reinstall Collector for ArcGIS.
  5. Restore the existing offline maps:
    1. Connect the Android device to a PC via USB cable. 
    2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the device.
    3. Copy and paste the ArcGIS_Collector folder from Step 2 back onto the device's internal storage. 
  6. Launch Collector for ArcGIS.

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