How To: Find the intersection between endpoints and an edge in ArcMap


In some instances, users may want to find where each line feature is breaking and intersecting an edge to determine the common intersection line to all input feature classes. This article describes how to create endpoints at both ends of each input line feature using the Feature Vertices To Points tool, and selecting the edge line where the endpoints intersect using the Select By Location tool. In the following example, the input line layer is showing two scenarios: a bridge scenario (X), and a multiple lines with ends intersecting an edge scenario.

Input lines showing two scenarios: A bridge scenario (X) and multiple ends against an edge (similar to a K).
A Desktop Advanced license is required to use the Feature Vertices To Points tool.


The instructions provided describe how to find the intersecting edge lines:

  1. In ArcMap, search for the Feature Vertices To Points tool in the Search window.
  2. Run the Feature Vertices To Points tool to create a point feature class of endpoints with the parameters, as specified below:
    1. For Input Features, select the line feature dataset.
    2. Select BOTH_ENDS for the point type.
    3. Click OK. The resulting output shows point features on both ends of the lines.
    An image showing the Feature Vertices To Points geoprocessing tool dialog.
    An image of the endpoint features on the lines.
  3. On the main toolbar, navigate to and click Selection > Select By Location.

    An image of the Select By Location tool in the Selection menu.
  4. In the Select By Location dialog box, set the following parameters:
    1. For Selection method, click the drop-down arrow, and select the select features from option.
    2. For Target layer(s), check the line feature layer.
    3. For Source layer, select the endpoints feature class created in Step 1.
    4. For the spatial selection method, select completely contain the source layer feature.
    5. Click Apply. This selects lines intersecting with the endpoints of other lines.
    An image showing the Select By Location dialog and the selected line that intersects with endpoints.
    To save the selected line as a new feature layer, right-click the line feature layer in the Table Of Contents, and click Selection > Create Layer From Selected Features.
    An image of saving the selected line as a new layer.

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