Problem: Attribute sets in Event Editor disappear after clearing browser cookies and cache


When working with attribute sets in the Event Editor on a web browser, clearing the browser cookies and cache causes the attribute sets to disappear.


This is expected behavior. Attribute sets created by users stored in the web browser for local access or imported into the Attribute Sets dialog window are removed when clearing the web browser cookies and cache.

Solution or Workaround

To workaround this issue, export the attribute sets to a .rhas file and copy the .rhas file into the attributeSets folder at the web server level.

Changes made at the server level affect all users accessing the same instance of Event Editor.

By transferring the .rhas file to the attributeSets folder, the file becomes the default attribute set and persists in Event Editor even after clearing the browser cache and cookies. To do so:

  1. In Event Editor, open the Edit tab > click Modify Attribute Sets.
  2. Click Export, and select the desired attribute sets. Click OK.
  3. Place the generated .rhas file in the attributeSets folder located on the web server where Event Editor is hosted.
On an IIS server, the attributeSets location is typically found at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\\attributeSets.

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