How To: Restrict members of an organization from using Ready To Use Tools in ArcGIS Pro


Ready To Use Tools in ArcGIS Pro are geoprocessing services that use ArcGIS Online's hosted data and analysis capabilities. The Ready To Use Tools include Elevation, Hydrology and Network Analysis tools.

In some situations, members of an organization may not be aware that some Ready To Use Tools consume ArcGIS credits, for example, students and trainees may not be aware of this when using these service tools in ArcGIS Pro. However, the administrator of the organization can restrict members of the organization from using these tools by changing the settings in ArcGIS Online.

For more information on service credits, refer to ArcGIS Online Web Help: Service Credits Overview.


The instructions provided describe how to restrict members of an organization from using Ready To Use Tools in ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Online.

Only those who hold the Administrator role can create custom roles. For more information on custom roles, refer to ArcGIS Online Web Help: Levels, roles and privileges: Custom roles.
  1. Log in to www.arcgis.com using an ArcGIS organizational account.
  2. Click Organization > Edit Settings.
  3. Click Roles.
  4. Click the Edit Role button in the row of the role to change the privileges of the selected organization member.
  5. In the General Privileges section, uncheck the Premium Content check box.
  6. Click SAVE ROLE.
The picture shows the services available in Premium Content

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