Bug: Address fields geocoded with the Esri World Geocoder prior to the June 2017 update are not read properly in the Interactive Rematch window


Address fields geocoded with the Esri World Geocoder (prior to the June 2017 update) are not returning expected matches or results in the Interactive Rematch window. 


This is a known issue. All previously mapped administrative zone fields are shifted up by two fields, meaning if the input table data are mapped to the city and region locator fields, the value for the city table field is placed into the Address3 locator field and the value for the region table field is placed into the City locator field (shifted up by two). Because the city and state names are not in the correct fields, no match candidates are returned.


There are a few manual options for working around this defect:

  • Manually cut and paste the city, state, or other misplaced fields into the correct address field.
  • Re-run the data through the World Geocoding Service with the fields mapped to the new structure. This updates all geocoding results, potentially increasing and improving matches, but it incurs another credit deduction.

If neither of the above solutions are adequate, Esri has created script tools (separate for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro) that modify the field names in the geocoded feature class or shapefile so that the modified versions are used in the Interactive Rematch window workflow. Refer to the links below.

The script tool takes one parameter (input feature class) and creates a new feature class or shapefile with updated field names to successfully rematch against the World Geocoding Service. The output feature class is saved in the same folder/geodatabase with the output name written as (input_file_name)_1.shp.

This script tool does not modify the input, but it is recommended to create a backup in the event of any unexpected behavior. 

In addition, ensure the tool is pointing to the script. To check, right-click the toolset, and select Properties > Source tab > check the Script File parameter.

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