Problem: Searching fails in some ArcGIS Solutions applications that use the World Geocode service


Searching for an address in a ArcGIS Solution template hosted on-premises returns no results when geocoding a valid address. 

Applications that are known to be impacted include:

  • Park Locator
  • Water Access Locator
  • Event Calendar
  • Event Locator
  • Shelter Locator
  • WMA Locator
  • Environmental Impact
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Live Work Locate
  • Permit Status
  • Site Selector
  • Transportation 511

Note: the Web AppBuilder versions of Environmental Impact and Transportation 511 are not impacted. Upgrading from the on-premises to Web AppBuilder version of these solutions will also resolve the issue.


This issue is caused by a mis-match between the casing of the geocode parameters found in the application configuration and World Geocode service requirements introduced at 10.5/the June release of ArcGIS Online.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open the configuration file associated with the application. This file is typically found in either the root directory of the application or the js folder, and is typically called config.js or another similar name.
  2. Locate the section of the configuration file where the geocode parameters are set. This section typically starts with Locator, Locators, or LocatorSettings. 
  3. Update the casing of the geocoder parameter values to match the following anywhere they are used with regards to the World Geocode Service: "Addr_type", "Type", "Score", "Match_addr", "Xmin", "Xmax", "Ymin", "Ymax"
  4. If this does not resolve the issue, confirm the casing of any other listed locators parameters against the response from the locator.  The full list of response parameters, with correct casing, can also be found in the World Geocoding service documentation.

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