Problem: Vector tile basemaps not supported in Internet Explorer


Under certain conditions, vector tile basemaps are not displayed in ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint.
These conditions include the following:

  • Using an Internet Explorer (IE) browser 
  • Using an operating system running an older display driver that does not support WebGL, which is required to display vector tile layers
  • Using a remote desktop session, in which software acceleration is used to display vector tile layers
When using any Internet Explorer browser, a map configured with a vector tile basemap cannot be loaded. If this issue is encountered, ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint does not use the vector tile basemap and uses a default raster tile basemap instead. The following message is displayed:
Warning: The default basemap in your organization, <basemap name>, is a vector tile layer, which is not supported in this browser. The raster basemap <fallback basemap> is being used instead.
When a map is opened that was previously configured to use a vector tile basemap in a browser that does not support vector tiles (such as any Internet Explorer browser), or the map is opened in a remote desktop environment, the basemap is switched to a supported raster tile basemap. When the map is saved, the raster basemap is saved with the map instead of the original vector tile basemap. The following message is returned:
One or more layers present in the map is a vector tile layer is not supported in this browser. These vector file layers have been replaced or removed from the map. If you save the map, the layers will be permanently lost or replaced.


Pages in SharePoint are based on master pages, which contain a metatag in the header that forces all pages in SharePoint Server 2010 to render pages using IE8 mode. Pages in SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 and SharePoint Online render pages using IE10 mode.
Because vector tile basemaps are supported only in IE11 and later, pages created in SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013 or in SharePoint Online do not render the vector tile basemap layer, regardless of the version of Internet Explorer used. Maps render correctly in Chrome or Firefox.

Solution or Workaround

Although there is no complete fix for this issue when using a version of Internet Explorer earlier than IE11, to work around the problem:

  • Switch the browser to IE11/Edge mode using the IE Developer Tools. This allows vector tile layers to display in the map. To enable this, the browser must be IE11 or later.
  • Ask the SharePoint administrator to override the SharePoint master page and specify IE=edge in the header’s metatag. This allows any HTML5 content to display properly in the SharePoint farm.

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