How To: Symbolize a tracking layer with the attribute value and temporal information


With the Tracking Analyst toolbar, event features in a tracking layer can be symbolized with temporal information in the Time Window to represent the age of the data. While another level of symbology, base symbology, can be applied to the tracking layer to represent attributes of the data, these two-level symbologies must have different styles in color, size, or shape.


The instructions provided describe how to symbolize a tracking layer with the attribute value and temporal information.

The following workflow requires the Tracking Analyst extension.
  1. Set the symbology by the attribute value.
    1. Right-click the tracking layer in the Table Of Contents, and click Properties.
    2. In the Layer Properties window, click the Symbology tab.
    3. In the Show panel, click Events. At this level, the symbology is applied to the tracking layer by the attribute value.
    4. Select the desired style and attribute value to symbolize the layer. For example, a configuration may symbolize a hurricane tracking layer by wind speed, and use graduated sizing to represent that data.

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  2. Set the symbology based on temporal information.
    1. In the Show panel, click Time Window.
    2. Select the desired style for the event symbols based on the time window. At this level, a symbology is also applied to the event features as another level and combined with the base symbology.

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  3. On the Tracking Analyst toolbar, click the Playback Manager button. Use Playback Manager to play back tracking data. For more information on how to use Playback Manager, refer to the following documentation: Playing back temporal data.
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