Bug: Add Business Listings searches fail and intermittently crash ArcMap when using US 2015 locally installed data


In Business Analyst Desktop, Add Business Listings searches fail and intermittently crash ArcMap when initiated with locally installed US 2015 data.


This failure is caused by a corrupt XML file within the Business Dataset.


Download the busmetadata.zip file, extract busmetadata.xml, and copy it to the Business Data folder on the drive where the 2015 data is installed. The folder path after the drive letter is as follows:

...\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2015\Data\Business Data
This overwrites the existing corrupt file with the same name.
This issue is independent of Business Analyst Desktop software version. The problem is with the US 2015 Dataset only, and does not occur with any other versions of locally installed data.

Last Published : 4/27/2017

Article ID: 000015917