How To: Update a published composite locator geocode service


In some cases, when publishing a composite locator, the following information message is returned.

Composite locator will be copied to the server.

This is bound to occur although the location is registered with the server. It may indicate that to update the service, the service must be overwritten. However, overwriting is not necessary in this case because a composite locator is only a pointer to the original locators. Therefore, the composite locator gets copied to the server, but the copy still references the underlying locators, as long as the underlying locators are registered with the server.


When this occurs, use the following procedure to update the composite locator after it is published:

  1. Stop the geocode service.
  2. Update the reference data for the individual locators.
  3. Rebuild the individual locators.
  4. Start the geocode service.

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