Error: "Insufficient privilege" after importing a shapefile from SAP HANA Studio

Error Message

SAP HANA Studio allows shapefiles to be imported into a SAP HANA database. After importing a shapefile, the spatial table may throw an "Insufficient privilege" error when drawing the shapefile in ArcGIS or viewing the properties of the feature class.

Image of the Insufficient Privilege error in ArcGIS Pro.


The SAP HANA Studio Import tool surrounds lowercase or sentence case names with double quotes (ex: “railways”). Because ArcGIS accesses names in uppercase without quotes, this causes a Table not found/No permission error. This error can be fixed by renaming the columns and table names to all uppercase letters. Geoprocessing tools (such as Feature Class To Feature Class) convert the fields to uppercase automatically.

Solution or Workaround

Before selecting a shapefile to import, ensure the name of the tables and columns are in capital letters in the geoprocessing tool.

This was tested and confirmed with SAP HANA version