How To: Create an image service that allows downloading of rasters individually


Image services can be set up to allow individual tiles to be downloaded through client applications, including ArcMap. These tiles can be used to make data covering a larger spatial extent, or data with multiple rasters covering the same area (due to multiple resolutions of data), available.

To download rasters individually from an image service, create the service from the mosaic dataset, and enable the download capability through the image service properties after the service is created.


The following instructions describe how to create an image service that allows downloading of rasters individually.

  1. Combine the rasters in a mosaic dataset. For more information on how to create a mosaic dataset, refer to the following documentation: Creating a mosaic dataset.
  2. In ArcCatalog, right-click the mosaic dataset, and select Share As Image Service.
  3. In the Service Editor window, click Capabilities on the left pane > Imaging, and check the Download check box.
    Check Download
  4. In ArcGIS Online, add the item to My Content via the service URL.

    To download the rasters, open the service in ArcMap by clicking Open in ArcGIS Desktop. In ArcMap, export the rasters. Either export the whole raster images, or a selection set.

    To download rasters from the ArcGIS Server REST endpoint, refer to the following documentation: Download Rasters.
    An Image Server Extension license on the server is required to publish image services. To check if the extension is already licensed, go to ArcGIS Server Manager > Site > Software Authorization. Refer to the following documentation on how to license an extension: Authorizing ArcGIS Server.

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