How To: Manage ArcGIS Pro licenses with ArcGIS Online


With the debut of ArcGIS Pro, Esri introduced a new licensing model called Named User. This licensing model is conceptually different from the traditional Single Use and Concurrent Use models in that Named User licenses are managed through an ArcGIS Online organization account or a Portal for ArcGIS organization. This article demonstrates the most popular method for managing ArcGIS Pro licenses – using the default Named User model with an ArcGIS Online account.


To authorize ArcGIS Pro for use with Named User licenses, follow the instructions provided below, using the steps listed as guided parts of the process.

Step 1: Activate the ArcGIS Online Organization

Ensure the organization can work with ArcGIS Pro by activating the ArcGIS Online organization account. If the account is already activated, go to Step 2. 

If the organization account has not yet been activated, or if unsure, go to www.arcgis.com and sign in with the username that has been provided. 

If signed in to www.arcgis.com and the URL includes the organization name, such as www.<orgname>.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html, the username is linked with an organization account. Go to Step 2.

Organization Account URL

If signed in to www.arcgis.com and the page shows as signed in but the URL still shows www.arcgis.com/home/index.html, a public account is being used - ArcGIS Pro cannot be authorized. Instead, log in using the Named User account associated with the ArcGIS Pro license.

ArcGIS Public Account

If the ArcGIS Online organization account has not been activated, and the activation email cannot be located, navigate to the Need your ArcGIS Online activation code? section toward the bottom of the landing page, as seen below.

Need your ArcGIS Online activation code?

Once the organization is activated and set up, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Add Members to Your Organization

The person who activated the organization account is automatically set as an Administrator and is able to invite and add members and assign ArcGIS Pro licenses.

When signed in, go to the Organization tab and verify the Role. In the image below, the user is logged in as an Administrator.

Administrator Role

If there is only one license for using ArcGIS Pro, go to Step 3.

If other users will be using ArcGIS Pro, they must have a username that is part of the organization. From the Organization tab, invite users to the organization by clicking Invite Members.

Invite Members

The Add or Invite Members wizard gives three options.

Add or Invite Members

The fastest option is to select Add members without sending invitations. With this option, the administrator sets the username and password for each member, and is thereby responsible for informing the member their username and password. Further information regarding the other ways of adding members to the organization can be found in the Invite and Add Members documentation.

ArcGIS Pro requires that members have a Level 2 license.

Step 3: Assign ArcGIS Pro Licenses

Once Step 1 and Step 2 have been completed, the ArcGIS Pro licenses can be assigned to the users.

To assign and manage ArcGIS Pro licenses in ArcGIS Online, the user must either be the Administrator or have the Manage Licenses privilege assigned to the account by the Administrator. For other user accounts, the Manage Licenses button is not visible.

From the Organization tab, click Manage Licenses

Manage Licenses

This opens the Manage Licenses page.

Manage Licenses Screen

Licenses can be assigned individually by clicking Configure licenses next to the user’s name, or collectively by clicking the member names to add them to the Selected Members list and then clicking the Configure button. ArcGIS Pro can then be assigned at the Basic, Standard, or Advanced license level along with any ArcGIS Pro extensions.

After assigning ArcGIS Pro licenses to any users in the organization, those users can sign in to ArcGIS Pro from any machine with an internet connection and ArcGIS Pro installed.

This licensing model extends beyond ArcGIS Pro, and licenses for other Esri premium apps such as Navigator for ArcGIS, AppStudio for ArcGIS StandardDrone2Map for ArcGISEsri Business Analyst web appEsri Community AnalystGeoPlanner for ArcGIS, and other apps sold through ArcGIS Marketplace that use a per-member license type can be managed through this page.

In addition to the Named User model discussed above, it is also possible to authorize ArcGIS Pro via Named User with ArcGIS Enterprise or using Single Use or Concurrent Use licenses. Refer to Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro: A Quick Start Guide to downloading, installing, and licensing ArcGIS Pro or the documentation in the Related Links section for more information.

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Last Published: 10/24/2017

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