Problem: The Download Rasters tool fails to download


In ArcMap, when downloading raster from an image service using the Download Rasters tool, the tool fails with the following error message:

Tool failed because there are no selection is defined and no feature/extent is defined.
error message


The tool fails because the service has a limited number of rasters that can be downloaded at a time.This parameter is visible on the REST page of the image service as the Max Download Image Count and Max Mosaic Image Count properties.

User-added image

Solution or Workaround

Download the rasters individually or by batch, depending on the download limit of rasters on the REST page of the image service.

Download raster images individually

Use the following expression in the Expression (optional) text box of the Download Rasters tool to download the raster image individually:
"OBJECTID" = the number of OBJECTID
The following image shows an example of downloading an individual raster image with the OBJECTID = 192. The value of OBJECTID may vary depending on the data in the image service.

Object ID in the attribute table

Download raster images by batch

Downloading the raster images by batch depends on the limit stated on the REST page of the image service.
Limit raster download

For example, if the limit number is 20, the following expression downloads 20 raster images with the OBJECTID starts from 201 to 220:
Table with 20 OBJECTID


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