How To: Configure legend properties for custom print templates from Portal for ArcGIS


In ArcMap, after adding a legend to a map template from Portal for ArcGIS, the legend in the printed output may goes beyond the designated frame, if the legend properties is not configured correctly for custom print templates.

The picture shows the example of the error produced


The following instructions describe how to configure the legend of a print template used by a printing service in Portal for ArcGIS.

  1. Open the MXD used by the print template in ArcMap.
  2. Double-click the legend to open Legend Properties, and click the Layout tab.
  3. In the Fitting Strategy section, check the Fixed Frame, Automatically adjust number of columns, and Shrink contents to fit frame check boxes.
  4. In the Text Wrapping section, check the Wrap labels and Wrap descriptions check boxes.
  5. In the Label width and Description width text boxes, type the desired values.
  6. Click Apply > OK.
The picture describes how to configure the legend properties in ArcMap
Setting the measurements for description and label width restricts the width so that it remains constant even if the legend frame is resized.

For fonts which are still large for the template, set the fonts manually in the Legend Properties from ArcMap. Create a dummy layer in the map template to activate the font parameter for legend items in the Legend Properties window > Items. 

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