How To: Enable legacy upload/download for Business Analyst Server


Starting at Business Analyst 10.5, there is new functionality available to publish a project to Portal for ArcGIS. Moreover, in previous versions, users were able to upload and download content from Business Analyst on a desktop machine to Business Analyst Server.

The instructions provided below describe the steps to enable the previous upload and download functions of Business Analyst Server, as well as to enable the new Publish Project functionality.


  1. If necessary, close Business Analyst.
  2. Open the Windows Registry Editor.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ESRI\BusinessAnalyst\.
  4. Highlight the GlobalProperties folder.
  5. Right-click in the right pane of the Registry Editor window, and click New > String Value.
  6. Edit the name of the string value to EnableBAServerIntegration and set the value to TRUE.
  7. Right-click again in the right-hand side of the Registry Editor and choose New > String Value.
  8. Edit the name of the string value to EnableLegacyBAServerDataExchange and set the value to TRUE.
  9. Close the Registry Editor.
To verify that the change took effect:
  1. Open ArcMap.
  2. Expand the ArcCatalog window.
  3. Expand the Business Analyst Repository node in the ArcCatalog window.
  4. Right-click Default Project.
The following options should now be available: Upload ProjectDownload Project, as well as the new option: Publish Project.