FAQ: What are some common troubleshooting tips when users do not receive emails from notifications@arcgis.com?


What are some common troubleshooting tips when users do not receive emails from notifications@arcgis.com?


When users are not receiving email invitations from notifications@arcgis.com, consider performing the following:

Ensure the correct email address in ArcGIS Online
Ensure that the email address users entered in their ArcGIS Online profile is the correct email address. Follow the steps below to check users' email:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS.com.
  2. Click the user's name > My Profile.
  3. If the email address is incorrect, click Edit my profile.
  4. Enter the correct email address as New Email and Confirm Email.
  5. Click Save.
Only Administrators can modify email addresses associated with ArcGIS Online user names. 
Email addresses cannot be changed if using an enterprise login. 

Check the spam folder
If users do not receive the email invitation in the inbox of their email client, ensure that the email invitation is not sent to the spam folder of the user's email client instead.

Ensure the email client is not set to block emails
Although emails from ArcGIS Online are sent from notifications@arcgis.com,  the envelope sender is from [randomly generated code]@amazonses.com. Therefore, the emails do not arrive if the user's email client is restricting emails from notifications@arcgis.com or *@amazonses.com.
Users can test if their email client is restricting notification emails by temporarily switching the email address associated with their account to a public email client (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) that does not have any restrictions in place. To send a sample notification email:

1. Go to: https://www.arcgis.com/home/signin.html
2. Click the "Forgot Password?" link
3. Enter the username that is not receiving notification emails.

This sends an automated email to a user’s email address. The email contains the subject: “Your ArcGIS account password”. If this message fails to arrive at the original email client but does arrive at the public email client, then it is likely that the original email client is restricting or blocking the email.
If the email client is restricting notification emails, this issue must be resolved by whomever has configured the restrictions. Users will likely need to work with their IT department. Depending on how the email client is configured it may require whitelisting emails from *@arcgis.com. This rule must supersede any restrictions on emails from *@amazonses.com.

Add members without invitations
As a temporary workaround for invitation issues, ArcGIS Online organization administrators can add members without sending invitations. For more information, see the following documentation: Add members without sending invitations

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