Error: User does not have access to export data

Error Message

When attempting to export a publicly shared feature layer from another organization in ArcGIS Online, the following error message is returned:

User does not have access to export data.

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This is a known issue. The error occurs because the security settings in ArcGIS Online do not allow HTTP connections by default. This default security setting disables exporting a feature layer in a HTTPS-enabled organization, shared from an organization where HTTPS is not enabled.

Enabling HTTPS connections ensures sensitive information in the organization is encrypted during communications over the internet, and helps to protect data from malicious activity. The encrypted information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server authorized to read the information.

Solution or Workaround

The instructions provided describe how to change the organization’s settings to enable the feature layer download.

  1. Log into www.arcgis.com with administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to My Organization > Edit Settings > Security.
  3. Uncheck the check box for Allow access to the organization through HTTPS only.
  4. Click OK when the ArcGIS Online security notice displays.
  5. Click Save.
 Uncheck HTTPS

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