Problem: Unable to sync Collector for ArcGIS edits after changing the organization security policy to HTTPS


After changing the security policy of an ArcGIS Online organization to allow access to the organization's content through HTTPS only, users are unable to sync edits from Collector for ArcGIS through the web map, and are prompted to enter their credentials when accessing a web map in Collector for ArcGIS, as shown below:

image of log in screen on a mobile device


When web maps are downloaded by Collector for ArcGIS with HTTPS access disabled, the web maps are downloaded with all services through HTTP. When HTTPS access is enabled, users are not able to access services that were previously accessed through HTTP.  


Solution or Workaround

Temporarily disable the HTTPS to sync back the data.

Disabling the HTTPS setting could lead to a compromised experience for the ArcGIS Online organization. Consult with a qualified computer systems professional, if necessary.
  1. Disable HTTPS.
  2. Sync all the maps.
  3. Enable HTTPS access in ArcGIS Online.
  4. Remove the maps from the mobile device.
  5. Close and re-open Collector for ArcGIS.
  6. Re-download the data for offline use to update the references to HTTPS only.
To avoid this issue, it is recommended to sync all edits in Collector for ArcGIS before making any changes to the security setting of the organization.

Alternatively, sync edits without accessing the web map. Use the Copy Runtime Geodatabase To File Geodatabase tool to copy the edits from the Runtime geodatabases found in mobile devices. For more information on extracting edits from Runtime geodatabases, see the following documentation: How To: Access offline edits from Collector for ArcGIS directly from an Android or iOS device.