How To: Create numbered symbols on a map to represent points of interest using ArcGIS Pro


Numbered symbols can be created on a map to display locations, such as points of interest or place markers, by using symbology and labeling options available in ArcGIS Pro.


To create numbered symbols for a points of interest map, follow the steps provided below:

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, add a new field in the attribute table of the layer to store unique numbers for each point of interest on the map.
  2. On the Labeling tab, select the field created in Step 1 from the Field drop-down list, and select Centered Point as the label placement.
Ensure the Label Features In This Class check box is checked.
  1. Click the Enable Labeling icon to display the unique numbers as labels. Adjust the font and size of the labels so that the labels are clearly visible when viewing the map. 
The Labeling tab
  1. To set a suitable symbol for the labels, click the default point symbol of the layer in the Contents pane to open the Symbology pane.
  2. In the Symbology pane, select a symbol, such as a circle or square, and set the color and size of the points to fit the labels.
  3. Click Apply. The points on the map are displayed as numbered symbols, as seen in the sample map below.
Points with numbered symbols on the map

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Last Published: 3/17/2017

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