How To: Modify an existing request in Fiddler


Sometimes an application makes a request a certain way, and while trying to mimic it, but executing a request from the REST endpoint, it doesn’t run the request quite the same as the application. However the existing request can be re-run in Fiddler with a modification.


  1. Select the request in Fiddler. Right-click the request and click Replay > Reissue and Edit.
  2. A new line appears for the reissued request. Make the modification necessary, such as in the web forms.
  3. Choose Run to Completion.
  4. Use Fiddler to send a request repeatedly, applying pressure to the service.
  5. Capture a request using Fiddler.
  6. Select the request, right-click, and click Replay > Reissue Requests (Or just click and type R).
  7. Select multiple requests and do the same steps.
  8. The same request can be run many times using this method.