How To: Modify an existing request in Fiddler


Sometimes an application makes a request a certain way, and while trying to mimic it, but executing a request from the REST endpoint, it doesn’t run the request quite the same as the application. However the existing request can be re-run in Fiddler with a modification.


  1. Select the request in Fiddler. Right-click the request and click Replay > Reissue and Edit.
  2. A new line appears for the reissued request. Make the modification necessary, such as in the web forms.
  3. Choose Run to Completion.
  4. Use Fiddler to send a request repeatedly, applying pressure to the service.
  5. Capture a request using Fiddler.
  6. Select the request, right-click, and click Replay > Reissue Requests (Or just click and type R).
  7. Select multiple requests and do the same steps.
  8. The same request can be run many times using this method.

Last Published: 1/26/2017

Article ID: 000015143

Software: Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1, 10.3