Error: Feature class geometry (Multipatch) doesn’t match rule package’s input geometry (Polygon)

Error Message

When applying a rule package (.rpk) to multipatch data in ArcGIS Pro, the following error is returned:

Invalid Geometry
Feature class geometry (MultiPatch) doesn't match rule package's input geometry (Polygon).
image of error dialog box


This issue occurs because the rule annotated with @StartRule inside the CityEngine .cga file does not annotate the @InMesh feature type for a rule package intended for multipatch features. If the input feature type is not specified, by default, the expected input feature is a polygon instead of a multipatch feature.
This type of error may occur whenever the input feature type does not match with the feature type specified. Ensure that input feature type the rule package is expecting is specified:

  • @InPoint for points,
  • @InPolygon for polygons, or
  • @InMesh for multipatch features

Solution or Workaround

Add the @InMesh feature type to the same line that @StartRule is located in the .cga rule file within the rule package.

image of cga file with @StartRule @InMesh specified
For more information on working with features from CityEngine rules in ArcGIS Pro, refer to the following ArcGIS Web Help page: Features From CityEngine Rules.

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