Error: ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression. Failed to execute (Contour)

Error Message

The Contour tool fails to execute in ArcMap and returns the following error:

ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression. Failed to execute (Contour). 


The error occurs due to the following reasons:

  • When working with a file-based raster dataset, the value for the input is set to a negative integer (such as -32767) instead of a NoData value, which is used to represent the absence of data.
  • The input raster does not meet Esri Grid format requirements. 
  • The Contour tool times out when processing large feature classes in the foreground.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the following solutions to resolve the error:

  • Set the input raster value to NoData by following the steps below:
  1. In ArcMap, run the Set Null tool (Geoprocessing > ArcToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Conditional > Set Null).
  2. Select the raster dataset as the Input conditional raster.
  3. In the Expression box, type VALUE = -32767, where -32767 is the value that must be replaced with NoData.
  4. Set the Input false raster or constant value to the same raster dataset selected in Step 2.
  5. Set the desired location for the output raster, and click OK
  6. Run the Contour tool using the output raster from Step 5 as the input.
  • Before running the Contour tool, export the input raster from a grid format to a TIFF format . For more information on converting raster formats, refer to Export or convert raster datasets.
  • Before running the Contour tool, enable background geoprocessing to allow ArcMap to process in the background without crashing. To enable background geoprocessing, go to Geoprocessing > Geoprocessing Options, and select the Enable checkbox in the Background Processing section. For more information on background geoprocessing, refer to Foreground and background processing.
Once the Contour tool executes completely, disable background geoprocessing because some geoprocessing tools perform better in the foreground. 

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    Last Published: 8/18/2017

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