How To: Enable resampling for a map service in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory


Certain areas of a map are unavailable when viewing tiles of a cached map service. At ArcGIS for Server 10.3 and later, a map service can return 'resampling:true|false', indicating whether users can resample tiles for areas where tiles are unavailable. This property is not enabled by default, however it can be added using the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory. Instructions provided describe how to do this.

Resampling example.


The following prerequisites are required to perform resampling:
  • A cached map service on ArcGIS for Server 10.3 or later. The following ArcGIS for Server document describes this in detail: Create a map cache.
  • Admin credentials with access to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory for the service.
  • The service must be cached and have available scale levels but lack tiles.


  1. Log in to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory as an administrator.
  2. Proceed to the URL for the service.
    The following is an example for the URL to edit the cached map service:
  3. In the Edit MapServer page, under Service Properties, add the following line in the JSON dialog box:
    "resampling": true

    User-added image
    To function properly, the resampling property must be added above the maxRecordCount property in the Service Properties.
  4. Set the MaxScale to the last level for which the map is to be resampled.
  5. Click Save Edits.

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