How To: Add a parcel template in the default symbology configuration for a parcel fabric in ArcMap


When creating a new parcel in a parcel fabric in ArcMap, feature templates are limited to the default template configuration set within the parcel fabric.
The instructions provided below describe how to update the default Local Government Information Model (LGIM) symbology configuration to add a new parcel template. In this example, the parcel fabric in the LGIM does not contain parcel template 8 - Ownership.

Parcel type 8: Ownership is not included in the parcel symbology.


Follow the instructions below to include the parcel type in the symbology configuration:

  1. In ArcMap, right-click the Tax Parcels layer in the Table Of Contents, and select Properties to open the layer properties.
  2. In the Layer Properties dialog box, navigate to the Symbology tab, and select Categories > Unique values in the Show section.
  3. Select Parcel Type from the drop-down arrow for Value Field, and click Add Values.
An image showing the symbology configuration in the Layer Properties dialog box.
  1. Select 7 and 8 in the Add Values dialog box, and click OK.
An image of the Add Values dialog box
  1. Parcel template 7 and 8 are added in the symbology table. Alter the symbology, label and sorting as desired.
  2. Uncheck the <all other values> check box.
An image showing the newly added parcel type 7 and 8 in the symbology table.
  1. Navigate to the Definition Query tab, and update the Definition Query to include Type = 8. Click OK.
An image on updating the Definition Query to include Type = 8.
  1. Right-click the Tax Parcels layer and navigate to Edit Features > Organize Feature Templates.
  2. In the Organize Feature Templates dialog box, click New Template.
An image of the Organize Feature Templates dialog box.
  1. In the Create New Templates Wizard, ensure that the parcel layer is selected, and click Next.
An image of the Create New Templates Wizard dialog box.
  1. Uncheck the Tax template and ensure that only the Ownership template is selected. Click Finish.
An image of selecting parcel template 8 and unselecting other parcel templates.
  1. Click Close in the Organize Feature Templates dialog box.
  2. Navigate to the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Parcel Editor to activate the toolbar and note that the template is available to use.
An image of the parcel type 8: Ownership in the Table Of Contents.

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