How To: Export unmatched addresses to an Excel table


After geocoding, there are instances when unmatched addresses need to be examined for errors in an external application such as Microsoft Excel. Errors may include typos, extraneous information, or missing information in the input address field(s). Instructions provided describe this procedure.


  1. Open the attribute table of the geocoding results event layer.
  2. Click the Select by Attributes button.
  3. In the dialog box, type: Status = 'U' to get just the unmatched records.
  4. In the attribute table window, click Table Options > Export.
  5. Save this either as a dBase table or as a table in a file geodatabase.
To open and edit this table in Excel:
  • Start the geoprocessing tool Conversion Tools > Excel > Table to Excel, and open and run the Table to Excel script.