How To: Obtain the total sales for businesses with a set amount of employees in the Business Analyst Web App


The business and facilities search in the Business Analyst Web App allow users to refine results according to their specifications to obtain specific businesses names, facilities, or types. The business and facilities search can also be used by businesses to obtain the total sales with a set amount of employees for a particular location.



This example describes the steps to obtain the sales volume for businesses with a set amount of employees by county.

  1. Click the Maps tab.
  2. Click Create Project to create a new project, or select an existing project.
  3. In the Maps tab, click Define Areas for Reports > Select Geography > Select From Full List > Counties, and click Next.
  4. Under Select State > Counties, click the Select drop-down arrow to select the desired state.
The picture shows the drop-down arrow of States
  1. Check the box for the desired county and click Next > Done.
  2. Go to the Maps tab again, click Create Maps from Data > Business and Facilities Search.
  3. Type the desired business name, the business type, or both, in the Enter business/facility name or type box. Click More options.
The picture shows the text box and the more options option
In business and facilities search, users can type the NAICS-base code or SIC code if the name of the business name or type of business is unavailable or not known.
  1. Under Search extent, click the Current map extent drop-down arrow and select the previously chosen desired county. Click Go.
The picture shows the drop-down arrow of the current map extent
Other settings can be changed as desired.
  1. In the results window, scroll to the end and change the Number of Employees by dragging the arrows left and right to define the desired range. Click Next.
The picture shows the number of employees and how to change the frequency
  1. Change the drawing style by clicking the drop-down arrow to the desired drawing style. Click Save > Continue > Export to Excel > Done. The table containing all the required businesses data can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.
A prompt opens to notify users on the credit usage for Business Search, which is 10 credits per, 1,000 records. For more information refer to ArcGIS Online Web Help: Service Credits Overview.
 The results in Microsoft Excel

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