Problem: Web map features fail to display in print preview


A map can be printed out from the web map viewer using the Print widget. In some cases, although all features are displayed in the map on the screen, the features do not show up in the preview.

For example, all parks are displayed on the screen in the following web map:
User-added image

However, when printing the web map, no parks are displayed.

User-added image


This issue occurs because of the visibility range set in the web map for the layer. Hosted feature layers have a visibility range property. This visibility range can be overridden by the visibility range set for the layer in the web map so a layer is visible within that scale range in the web map. However, when printing out the web map, the visibility of features in the printed map is controlled by the visibility range property of a hosted feature layer instead of the visibility range set in the web map.

Additionally, the scale of the printed map is the same as the web map. Therefore, if the visibility range of a hosted feature layer property is different from that set in the web map for the layer, and does not cover the printing map scale, the features become invisible in the printed map, even though the features are visible in the web map.

Solution or Workaround

Change the visibility range of the web map for the feature layer.

Option A: Save the visibility range of the web map to the feature layer property through the web map viewer

  1. Open the web map in the web map viewer.
  2. Under the layer name, click More Options
  3. Click Save Layer. All configurations applied to the layer in this web map, including the visibility range, filtering, symbology, and so forth, are saved to the feature layer property. As a result, the visibility range of the layer property is the same as the visibility range in this map.
Option B: Change the visibility range property of the hosted feature layer through the Visualization tab
  1. Open the Item Details page for the hosted feature layer.
  2. Click the Visualization tab. If multiple layers exist in this service, ensure the target feature layer is selected.
  3. Click Change Style User-added image .
  4. Click to select a drawing style. 
  5. Change the Visibility Range to cover a scale that the printed map uses. 
  6. Click OK and Done to apply changes.
  7. On the upper-right corner, click Save Layer to save the changes to the layer property. 

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