Problem: Map is not displaying in a basic ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.7 application


On running a basic template-based ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.7 application within Visual Studio, the ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer (map) does not appear in the main window of the app.


This issue may occur if using a virtual machine, such as VMware.

Solution or Workaround

The video/graphics card settings of the computer or device must match the Esri recommended system requirements, as specified in the System Requirements for ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.7.

  • Direct3D feature level 9_3
  • Default: DirectX 11 hardware support
  • 64 MB RAM minimum, 256 MB RAM recommended; NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel chipsets supported
  • Accelerated graphics card driver
  • Shader Model 2.0 minimum

If necessary, update the Guest Additions on the VMware virtualization software.

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