How To: Register a non-default geodatabase version with ArcGIS Server's data store


When registering a database with ArcGIS Server's data store, and the data is versioned, usually the connection is for the default version.  This is the case unless otherwise specified.  When publishing data to ArcGIS Server from a different version, a separate database connection in the data store is necessary.


There are two methods to register a non-default geodatabase version with ArcGIS Server's data store:

Create a database connection in ArcCatalog that points to the desired version, and register it with ArcGIS Server's data store
This is generally the best approach. To do this, follow these steps as needed:

  1. With an existing database connection, right-click it and choose Geodatabase Connection Properties.
  2. Specify the desired version. This makes the entire connection use this version.
    • The label for the connection can be modified in ArcCatalog to indicate the version the connection is for.
    • Multiple connections can be made to a common database, with each connection pointing to a different version.

Edit the connection in the Service Editor
This method will work if the database connection points only to the default version but the version is modified within the MXD.

  1. Begin the publishing process to publish a map service to ArcGIS Server.
  2. In the Service Editor, enable only the map service capability and Analyze.
  3. A high warning about the database not being registered appears; double-click the warning.
  4. A dialog opens that asks for a connection name, and the database connection information is already populated. Provide a name and click OK.

After making the connection, Feature Access can be chosen if necessary, and the publishing process can be re-analyzed and published.  If Feature Access was specified prior to analyzing, the database registration window will be different, and this process will not work.

The only place that shows the difference between the various versions in the data store is in ArcGIS Server Manager:

  1. Log into ArcGIS Server Manager, Site > Data Store, and click the pencil icon next to the original database connection. Click in the Publisher Database Connection field, and it should expand and show all the text. Near the end, it says something like: VERSION=sde.DEFAULT
  2. After completing either workflow described above, click the pencil for the additional database connection. It should say something at the end like: VERSION=SDE.<version_name>