Problem: Field not appearing in the Value drop-down list for graduated color symbology


When symbolizing data with the graduated color renderer to show the difference between features in a map, the field is not listed in the Value drop-down list in the Layer Properties dialog box.
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The field does not appear in the Value drop-down list because it is not a numeric field. The graduated color renderer requires a numeric field, so the Value drop-down list only displays numeric fields (Short integer, Long integer, Float, Double).

Solution or Workaround

Create a new field with a numeric data type, and use the Field Calculator to copy the data from the field to symbolize.

  1. Create a new field. Refer to the following documentation: Adding fields.
  2. Use the Field Calculator to copy the data into the new field:
    1. Right-click the new field.
    2. Select Field Calculator.
    3. Double-click the field with the data in the Fields section.
    4. Click OK.
  3. Run the graduated color renderer again, and select the new field from the Value drop-down list.
If the attribute table is derived from an Excel file, changing the format of the cell to the Number category is an alternate solution.

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