Problem: Unable to copy and paste the data fame in ArcMap


ArcMap fails to execute the copy and paste commands while attempting to copy and paste the data frame in ArcMap version 10.3 and later.


This issue is a known limitation for ArcMap 10.3 and later versions.

Solution or Workaround

Insert a new data frame, and copy and paste the layers in the new data frame.

  1. In the ArcMap main menu, click Insert > Data Frame to add a new data frame.

    An image that shows how to insert a new data frame.
  2. Press the Ctrl key, and select the desired layers. Right-click the selected layers, and click Copy.

    An image of copying the selected layers.
  3. Right-click the new data frame, and click Paste Layer(s).

    An image of pasting the selected layers in the new data frame.

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