How To: Check in data from an AXF file that has already been checked in


In some instances, checked-in edits from an AXF file are not reflected in ArcMap. This issue may occur if ArcMap crashes during a check in. A second attempt to check in the data via the Get Data from ArcPad option on the Data Manager toolbar shows that there are 0 records to be checked in. This article outlines steps to resolve this issue.


The following instructions describe how to re-check in data using the Get Data from ArcMap option using the Data Manager toolbar:

  1. As a precaution, make a copy of the AXF file to be checked in.
  2. Launch ArcPad Studio, and open the AXF file.
  3. Right-click a layer definition, and click Show Data. The SQL command interface and a pane shows the data.
  4. Run an UPDATE query against the data that alters the value in the AXF_STATUS field. All checked in records must have a value of 16777216, which stands for Processed/Checked In data. Use 2 for records that have been modified and 1 for new records. See below for what each value represents;
  5. The following screenshot shows where to execute the SQL command.
  6. Type a SQL query with the following syntax in the space provided:
    UPDATE table_name SET AXF_STATUS=value;
    Where table_name is the name of the feature class in upper case (e.g. SIGNS) and the value is either 1 or 2 depending on whether new data is being created or existing data is being updated in the geodatabase.
  1. Run the query by clicking the red exclamation point in the toolbar, which is the Execute tool, and the SQL command is executed.
    A message with the number of records updated is returned. Using an incorrect syntax results in an error. To view the changes, close the .axf file and reopen in ArcStudio. Click Show Data or test by running the following SQL query:
SELECT * FROM table_name;
If any of the features to be checked in are edited in the geodatabase via the AXF file, the edits are lost and the file can be checked in again as usual. 

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