How To: Subscribe to a secured TCP socket in GeoEvent Extension


Establishing connection to a secured TCP socket requires the client (GeoEvent) to send an authentication message to the server. Once the authentication message is confirmed by the server, it allows the transmission of data between the server and the client. Failure to send this authentication message either terminates the connection or prevents the server from sending data. 

There is no provision to subscribe to a secured TCP feed using the out-of-the-box 'Receive Text from a TCP Socket' input connector in GeoEvent Extension. To do this, a custom inbound connector using the out-of-the-box text adapter and TCP transport must be configured.


  1. In GeoEvent Manager go to SITE > Connectors.
  2. Create a copy of the existing Receive Text from a TCP Socket connector.
  3. Modify the properties to show: Mode, Host (Client Mode) and Handshake Text properties.
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This input connector can now be used in CLIENT mode to send the authentication message as Handshake Text to the server to establish a authenticated connection.
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