Problem: Error 000594 or 000595 occurs when exporting a shapefile to a personal geodatabase


When exporting a shapefile to a personal geodatabase, an issue may occur that returns the following generic errors, "Error 000594" or "Error 000595".


There are several reasons for these issues, but typically the problem is due to:

  • The size of the shapefile being too large for a personal geodatabase.
  • The shapefile containing broken geometry.
  • The shapefile being irrecoverably corrupted.

Solution or Workaround

Depending on the reason, use the following workarounds to solve the issue.

  • Ensure the size of the shapefile does not exceed 2 GB before exporting it to a personal geodatabase. If reducing the size of the shapefile cannot be done, use a different geodatabase type with a larger capacity, such as a file geodatabase or an enterprise geodatabase. Personal geodatabases use the Microsoft Access data file structure (.mdb) which supports geodatabases limited to 2 GB or less in size.
    The effective size is between 250 and 500 MB before database performance starts to slow down.
    For a comparison of the different types of geodatabase and their sizes, see Types of geodatabases.
  • Ensure that the shapefile does not have any broken geometry before exporting it to the personal geodatabase. See Checking and repairing geometries for more information.
  • If the shapefile is corrupted and cannot be recovered with the methods suggested in How To: Recover a corrupt shapefile, create a new feature class in the personal geodatabase and load the data from the shapefile to the empty feature class using the Load Data tool.

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