Problem: Changes to field class aliases are not reflected in layer field aliases


After updating feature class field aliases in a geodatabase from the Catalog window, the layer field aliases are not updated automatically in the map document.


This is by design. When a geodatabase feature class is added to ArcMap, its field aliases are initially used for the layer field aliases. After this action, there is no link between them. For more information, refer to the following ArcGIS Help document: Understanding field properties, aliases, and table display options.

Solution or Workaround

If the field alias is required for only one map, the field alias must be updated in the map document and not in the feature class.

However, if the field alias must be universally applied to all layers referencing the same feature class, the field alias must be updated in the feature class, and the feature class must be re-added to each map.

Alternatively, update the feature class field alias in the geodatabase, and add the feature class to the map document again.

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Last Published: 6/15/2017

Article ID: 000014157