How To: Retrieve and extract unsynchronized data from ArcPad


When ArcPad is unable to synchronize stored data or edits in the field, it is possible to manually retrieve and extract data from ArcPad using ArcPad Studio. The instructions provided describe how to manually perform this workflow.

This procedure requires ArcPad Studio.


Retrieving and extracting unsynchronized data stored in ArcPad involves exporting shapefiles from the .axf file extension. The shapefiles can be added directly to ArcMap. However, data in the .axf file(s) must be converted using ArcPad Studio before the data can be exported. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Run ArcPad Studio.
  2. Select New default Configuration project.
  3. Click File > Open, and select the .axf file to convert.
  4. Right-click the feature layer to export the data.
  5. Select Export to Shapefile.
  6. The feature class/layer in the .axf file is now exported.
This procedure can be time consuming as each feature class or layer has to be exported one at a time from the .axf file in ArcPad Studio.

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