Error: "000117: Warning empty output generated" returned by Buffer tool

Error Message

When using the Buffer geoprocessing tool, the following error is returned:

000117: Warning empty output generated.
Image of Error 000117


This error may be displayed in one of the following scenarios:

  • The user is attempting to buffer multiple points in a point feature class.
  • The input and output data are set to Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths stored on a network drive.
  • The existing map document (.mxd) is not working in sync with the data, and the display unit in the application and map is set to inches.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the solutions provided below to resolve the issue.

  • If attempting to buffer multiple points in a point feature class:
  1. Export the point feature class to be buffered to a new folder or file geodatabase. See Create a file geodatabase for more information. 
  2. Run the Buffer geoprocessing tool on the feature class in the new instance. Run the tool with the Dissolve Type field set to ALL in the Buffer dialog box.Buffer dialog box showing Disolve Type set to ALL.
  • If using UNC paths:
    1. Export the input data from the UNC path to a local drive, and set the output data to be stored in a local drive, before running the Buffer geoprocessing tool.
Alternatively, do the following:
  1. Restart the computer, and start a new project in ArcMap.
  2. Add only the layer to be buffered, and run the Buffer tool.
  3. Select Environments...
  4. In the Environments Settings, set the extent to that of the layer.

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