Problem: Analyzing a layer to be published as a feature service with the Sync capability causes an error


When publishing feature services with Sync enabled and clicking Analyze in the Service Editor, the following error is returned:

00184: Layer is not configured for or cannot be used with the Sync capability


There are several causes for the error :

The feature service does not have a valid Global ID
For the service to use the Sync capability, all layers, whether version or nonversioned, require the Global ID field created by ArcGIS.

The data for the feature service is not registered as versioned or has archiving enabled
For a service with nonversioned data to use the Sync capability, the nonversioned data must be registered as versioned or have archiving enabled.

The feature service is registered as versioned with the option to move edits to base
Registering data as versioned with the option to move edits to base allows versioned edits on the data. However, when the data is registered as versioned with the option to move edits to base, the ArcGIS operation of replicating the geodatabase cannot be used.  For more information, see the following ArcGIS Help fopic: A quick tour of registering and unregistering data as versioned. This prevents sync data from working because it requires a replica.

Solution or Workaround

If the layer for offline use is not required as a feature service, disable the sync capability of the layer from the Feature Access tab of the Service Editor. For more information, see the following documentation: Editor permissions for feature services.

If the feature service requires the Sync capability enabled, ensure the following requirements are fulfilled:

All layers must obtain a Global ID field
To add the Global ID field to the feature dataset, use the Add Global IDs geoprocessing tool or the Add Global ID command found on the feature class, feature dataset, and table context menus in the Catalog tree. For more information on using the Add Global ID command, see the ArcGIS Help: ArcGIS field data types.

Enable archiving for nonversioned data
If it is preferable to maintain the data as nonversioned, archiving can be enabled for the nonversioned data to have sync capability. For more information on enabling archiving, see the following ArcGIS Help: Enabling archiving.

The feature dataset is registered as versioned without the option to move edits to base
Register the feature dataset without the option to move edits to base by following the steps below:

  1. Open ArcMap.
  2. Right-click the feature dataset in the Catalog tree.
  3. Select Manage > Register As Versioned.
  4. In the Register As Versioned dialog box, leave the move edits to base option unchecked, and click OK.
The Register As Versioned dialog box with Register the selected objects with the option to move edits to base unchecked.
If the feature dataset is already registered as versioned with the option to edit base checked, unregister the feature dataset first before registering the dataset again without the edit base option as instructed above.

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