Error: Unable to overwrite service - Problem retrieving configuration from the server

Error Message

When attempting to use ArcMap to overwrite a feature service that is published to ArcGIS Online (Hosted Service), the following error message is returned:

Unable to overwrite service - Problem retrieving configuration from the server.
Image of the "Unable to overwrite service - Problem retrieving configuration from the server" error message box


The cause of this error varies, depending on when the error message appears during the overwriting process, as listed below.
  • The My Content root folder contains at least one service with no service definition.
When clicking the Next button after selecting the Overwrite an existing service option, a search request is launched at the back end to populate the list of services available for overwriting from the My Content root folder. The list of services is arranged in alphabetical order. When the search request detects the first service alphabetically that has a missing service definition, the error message displays.  
Although this message displays to warn users that the list of services contains at least one service with a missing service definition, the message is misleading, as the search request is a back-end service configuration process used to search and populate the list of services, and may not affect the outcome of the overwriting process at the front end.
  • The service selected by users for overwriting does not have an accompanying service definition present in My Content. 
This is expected behavior. When selecting a specific service for overwriting after the list of services available is populated, the error message displays to notify users that the service definition file of the service selected is missing.

Solution or Workaround

Depending on the cause, use the solutions below as a workaround:

  • Click the OK button if the error message appears while the list of services for overwriting is populated (prior to selecting a service to overwrite), and continue with the overwrite process since the message does not affect the final overwriting of the service.
  • In the instance of missing or deleted service definition files, refer to the following article, Problem: Unable to overwrite a hosted feature service in ArcMap.

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