Problem: Maps created using earlier versions of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy do not load in MicroStrategy Mobile


When a map-enabled document is opened in MicroStrategy Mobile, the map is not displayed. Instead of the map loading, a spinner appears on the screen and remains active in place of the map.
[O-Image] Spinner in place of map


This problem may occur if the map was created using Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 1.1 or earlier. Maps created using a version of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy earlier than 2.0 may not load in MicroStrategy Mobile. This problem does not occur for map-enabled documents opened in MicroStrategy Web.

Solution or Workaround

To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. In MicroStrategy Web, open the map-enabled document in Interactive Mode.
  2. When the map is displayed, click the Save button on the toolbar.
  3. Open the document in MicroStrategy Mobile.

    The map loads as expected.

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