Problem: Map does not load when a location definition identifier (LDI) is added to a report


When a project has a Location Architect model that includes a location definition identifier (LDI), users can add the LDI attribute to a map-enabled report to automatically display it on the map. For example, if the model has an LDI for 'Customer' associated with X,Y coordinates, and the Customer attribute is added to a map-enabled report, customer locations are displayed on the map as an X,Y layer.

However, sometimes when an LDI is added to the report, the map does not load. Instead, a spinner appears on the screen and remains active in place of the map.
[O-Image] Spinner on map in report


This problem may occur if the user creating the report does not have the Web Professional permission called 'Web modify the list of report objects'.

Solution or Workaround

To solve this problem, the MicroStrategy Web system administrator must grant the user the 'Web modify the list of report objects' permission as follows:

  1. In the Intelligence Server Administrator page, open the User Manager tool.
  2. Browse to and select the user to be granted the permission.
  3. Click the Project Access tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Web Professional role.
  5. In the User level column beside 'Web modify the list of report objects (use object browser - all objects)', select the checkbox.
    [O-Image] Permission
    One or more blue checkmarks are added. Ensure that the checkmarks appear in the columns for the projects that the user permission is granted.

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