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Bug: Register option is not available on the Item Details page for apps in the Portal for ArcGIS home application


In the Portal for ArcGIS home application, the Item Details > Register option for apps is not available.

This bug was fixed in Portal for ArcGIS version 10.4.


This is a known issue. If the app being registered is hosted on the same web server as the web adaptor that is configured with the portal, the Item Details > Register option is not displayed on the page.


Register the app using the ArcGIS Portal Directory sharing application.

  1. Open the Item Details page for the app item.
  2. Copy the item ID portion of the URL.
    In the following example, the ID is '42ea1b5cdefd4013ac13038927f237d6'.
  3. Open the ArcGIS Portal Directory sharing application and log in as a member with administrative privileges. The URL is in the format:
  4. Navigate to Home > OAuth2 > Register App.
  5. In the Register App form, enter:
    • Item ID: This is the ID copied in Step 2
    • App Type: Select either browser, native, server, or multiple from the dropdown
    • Redirect URIs: Enter using the format ["https://<server>:<port>"] or ["https://<server>:<port>","https://<server1>:<port>"]. These are valid addresses that users of the app can be redirected to after they successfully log in.
  6. Click Register App. The Registered App page displays the App ID and App Secret.

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Last Published : 2/14/2019

Article ID: 000013283

Software: Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1, 10.3