FAQ: Can users edit delta tables using ArcObjects?


Can users edit delta tables using ArcObjects?


No. Users cannot edit delta tables using ArcObjects as there are no ArcObjects interfaces available for them to do so.

However, they can use structured query language (SQL) to query a versioned view to edit the data in the delta tables. Users can edit delta tables from ArcObjects and Python using SQL queries against the database. This method must be used since users are not allowed to directly edit RDBMS tables that are not registered to a database.

In ArcObjects users can open the SQL workspace using information from the following pages: Working with SQL workspaces and IWorkspace Interface. Once the user is connected to the SQL database, they can execute their SQL queries against the delta tables using the IWorkspace.ExecuteSQL method.

In Python, users can execute SQL queries using an ArcSDE connection. Refer to the following ArcGIS Web Help topic for more information on how to execute SQL using an ArcSDE connection.

Delta tables are geodatabase system tables that record version changes. This is how ArcGIS supports versioning capabilities. For each table or feature class that has been versioned, two new delta tables, an 'adds' and a 'deletes' table, are created in the database. The delta tables record any inserts, updates, or deletes made to a versioned table or feature class at each state of the database.

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