How To: Add a Workflow Manager Service to Portal for ArcGIS


By default, the Workflow Manager service is not recognized as a valid service type in 10.2 Portal for ArcGIS, however the service can be added and shared as a document through Portal.

Instructions provided describe how to add an ArcGIS Workflow Manager service as a document to Portal for ArcGIS.


It is assumed that the service has already been published and the ArcGIS Server correctly federated with Portal.

A) Add Workflow Manager Service as Document to Portal

1. Log into Portal as an Admin.
2. Click My Content.
3. Click Add Item.
4. In the Add Item dialog, select 'On the Web' from the pulldown.
5. Click Document.
6. For the URL parameter, input the Workflow Manager Service name for the WMServer. For example:


7. Specify a title and tags suitable for the item and click the Add Item button.
8. When a browser opens with the item just created, copy its itemID from the URL. This is usually the id=<id> parameter in the address bar.

B) Update the Workflow Manager Service in ArcGIS Server

1. Login to Server:


2. Click Services.
3. Click the WMServer Service.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit.
5. Scroll to 'portalProperties'.
6. Replace the Portal Properties Section with the following, changing the itemID with the ID from Section A, step 8.

"portalProperties": {
"isHosted": false,
"portalItems": [{
"itemID": "857441148097498391e926a3ef4290ca",
"type": "WMServer"

7. Click Save Edits.

Share the item in Portal with other users and groups. Confirm that these users are able to access the Workflow Manager Service correctly.