How To: Remove ArcGIS project templates from the Xcode IDE


The instructions provided describe how to remove ArcGIS project templates from the Xcode IDE. When ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS 2.2 is installed, the ArcGIS project templates are sometimes included as part of the user's Xcode IDE.

Xcode is the de facto Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing iOS applications. Xcode can be downloaded independently or as part of the iOS SDK from Apple's iOS Dev Center.


  1. In the Finder window, go to the Users folder and click the User’s home folder.
    User home folder

    The User’s home folder may have a different name than the screenshot above.

  2. In the User's home folder, click Library > Developer > Xcode.
    Remove Xcode IDE

    On a Mac, the Library folder exists in three locations: at the root-level of the hard drive, inside the root-level System folder and in the User’s home folder. The Library folder within the System folder is critical and should not be removed.

  3. In the Xcode folder, right-click the ArcGIS Project Templates and select Move to Trash to remove the ArcGIS Project Templates from the Xcode.
    Xcode IDE


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