Problem: When using the CatalogUI dialogs in ArcObjects SDK 10.4 for .NET, some icons are missing


When using the GxDialogClass or SpatialReferenceDialog from custom code, the icons are missing:

[O-Image] GxDialogClass
[O-Image] [O - Image] Spatial Reference Dialog


The custom application is loading an older version of the Windows Common Controls. Version 6.0 or better of the Common Controls must be used: Common Control Versions

Solution or Workaround

Add an application manifest file to the project and specify the correct version of the Common Controls. Windows 7 SP1 or better is required.

  1. Right-click the project in Visual Studio Solution explorer.
  2. Click Add > New Item.
  3. Select 'Application Manifest File' (Visual C# shown) and click Add.
    [O-Image] [O - Image] Add App Manifest
  4. Edit the app.manifest file. Scroll to the bottom of the app.manifest file and remove the comments from this section of XML:

    The <trustInfo �> and <compatibility �> boilerplate sections from the app.manifest can be deleted, unless they are needed for other purposes.

  5. Save the edits.
  6. Rebuild the project and run it.

    Check 'Enable native code debugging' or the app.manifest is ignored when running in the debugger.

  7. The icons should now be displayed in the dialogs.