How To: Create a provisioning file for software authorization for ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS for Server


The instructions provided describe how to create a provisioning file for software authorization in ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS for Server.


  1. Log in to your My Esri account.
  2. Navigate to My Organizations, and click the Licensing tab.
  3. Under Licensing, click Provisioning. This displays the Step 1A: Select Provisioning Options page.
  4. Select Desktop, Pro or Server as the Product Type.
  5. Select the appropriate Version, License, and Provision.
  6. Select Provision as the File Type, and click Apply.
  7. Review the product in Step 1B: Select Products, and click Next. This displays Step 2A: End User Information.
  8. Complete the fields under End User Information.
  9. In Step 2B: Delivery Options, specify the delivery option by clicking either the Download or E-mail button.

    If the E-mail option is selected, be sure to complete the E-mail field under User Information with the email address to where the .pvrc/.prvs file is sent.

    If the download option is selected, the .pvrc/.prvs file is downloaded to the user-specified file location in the computer.

  10. Click the Create File button. The provision file is created.

    If the user does not receive a provisioning file from Esri Customer Service, the provisioning file can be created using a template from the following ArcGIS Web Help topic: Provisioning files.

    For comprehensive information about licensing Esri products, refer to the following Wiki.GIS.com page: Field Guide to Esri Licensing.

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